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Yacht & Boat Services in South Florida

Southeast Florida is a great place with sun, fishing, golf, boating, beach, diving, and the gateway to the Bahamas and Florida Keys. M&M Boat Services, LLC keeps your boat in top condition, and frees you up to enjoy all the great things South Florida and the Bahamas have to offer. 


Yacht & Boat Services

M&M Boat Services, LLC provides Yacht services to absentee, part-year and local owners. Offering oursignature Comprehensive Boat Check Plans, Concierge Services, Maintenance and Vessel Management plans; and the option to customize to fit your needs.


It's Your Investment, Why Would You Not Protect It?

You are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions, in a new or used boat or yacht, why would you not want someone locally to look after your investment for you, especially if you are away or do not have time?

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Boat Check Plans, Concierge Program & Maintenance Services


Monthly Boat Check Plans, Wash Downs, Concierge Services, and other Maintenance Services to assist owners in the care of their boat or yacht, and ensure it is ready to go!

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Project Management: Refits, Renovations, and Major Repairs


Project Manger and Owners Representation Services for vessel refits & major repairs.  See why having Project Manager is crucial to ensuring quality work and an on time project. 

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Boat & Yacht Management Services for Vessels Up To 100' (30m)

Boat or Yacht Management Services

Boat & Yacht Management Plans designed specifically for vessels under 100' (30m).  Although they still need a management plan, they are not as complicated as Super Yachts.

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Our Story

We Treat Your Boat or Yacht Like It Was Our Own!

We have owned boats over the years, and love the water and the outdoors.  A couple of years ago we got a wild hair, decided to down size, get closer to the beach, and live on the water.  So, we sold our home that we had just finished renovating (including the dream kitchen Michelle waited 5-years for), we sold 90 percent of our stuff (and believe me, it’s just stuff), bought a Classic 50’ Hatteras flush deck MY, and moved on board.   

Our new motto: “Sell Your Stuff, Keep the Cat, and Live on a Boat!”  ........Oh, and get a dog!

We have over 50 years of combined experience maintaining, operating, and living on boats; and have been absentee owners ourselves.  And, we understand the need for having someone local, and dependable, to assist with the care and management of these investments in the absence of the owner.

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