Boat and Yacht Services

There are a great many boat and yacht owners that do not reside in South Florida full-time, and local professionals with busy schedules with boats in marina’s or at private residences.  

Specializing in providing services for boats and yachts in the 30' to 100' range our Monthly Boat Check Plans, Services and Management Program are structured to assist owners in the management and care of their vessels.  We offer two monthly boat check plans, a Basic Plan and our signature (and most popular) Comprehensive Boat Check Plan, along with a full range of additional services to provide you with a customized program.   

Boat & Yacht Experience

We have over 25 years of U.S. Coast Guard and marine industry experience maintaining, operating, and living on boats. We understand your need to ensure your property is safe, cared for, and there is someone locally to assist, and to represent you in the care and maintenance of your vessel.

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Monthly Boat Check Plans


Basic Monthly Plan

The following items are included in the Basic Check Plan to ensure your boat is ready to go. 

  • (1) vessel visit per month,
  • Basic visual checks for leaks or damage,
  • Shore Power Energized & Battery Charger On,
  • Check & Adjust Lines/Fenders/Shore Cable,
  • Monthly Report Provided.

Comprehensive Monthly Plan

The following items are included in your Comprehensive Boat Check Plan.

  • All Items In Basic Plan PLUS
  • (2nd) vessel visit
  • Check Bilge Pump(s) & Test Alarms
  • Check the A/C & Clean Strainer 
  • Exercise Sea Cock Valves
  • Engine Start/System Check
  • Basic Exterior Wash Down
  • Monthly Report Provided

Customize Your Boat Check Plan

Either plan can be customized to meet the needs, or wants, of the vessel owner.  Any number of visits to the vessel per monthly, and any combination of services.

Optional items that can be added.

  • Bottom Cleaning & Zinc Check
  • Interior Cleaning

Concierge Services

A Sampling of Our Concierge Service (don't see it, just ask)

Pre-Arrival Vessel Preparation: minimum service to ensure vessel is ready to go:

  • On the boat visual check for any potential problems,
  • Ensure shore power, battery charger & AC’s are on,
  • Start main engines to ensure they are ready,
  • Check Fuel Level
  • Contact owner with any potential problems and status.

Post-Visit Vessel Close-Up/Clean-Up: minimum service securing vessel upon owner’s departure.

  • Ensure battery charger & AC’s are on,
  • Basic exterior wash down,
  • Check & adjust lines/fenders/Shore Power Cable
  • Visual check of vessel for potential problems,
  • Contact owner with close up report/vessel status.


  • Stock Boat with Food/Beverage
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Source Supplies


Additional Vessel Services


Additional Services that can be Provided or Arranged

  • Yacht Management
  • Respond to Emergency Calls 
  • Hurricane Prep/Readiness (not including moving the boat)
  • Pre and Post storm check (not including preparing the vessel)
  • Maintenance & Repairs (Engines, Generators, Electrical)
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Detailing, Wax, Buffing, Metal Polishing
  • Teak and Varnish Work
  • Electronics
  • Carpentry, Fiberglass work, Painting (above the water line)
  • Bottom painting
  • Bottom Cleaning and Zinc Replacement (as needed)
  • Divers – other services
  • Canvas and Upholstery
  • Pre-Owner Arrival Preparation
  • Post-Owner Departure Clean Up/Close Up
  • Tender Service
  • Owners Representative for yard repair or refit work completion
  • Boat Documentation (USCG) Renewals (requires POA)
  • Boat Registration (Florida) Renewals (requires POA)
  • Parts & materials sourcing and shipping, or delivery to you boat.
  • Other Services not specified above (just ask)
  • Monthly Reports Provide

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